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Our Story

The Meaning

Ardeo, simply said as “R-D-O” means be on fire, burn, blaze, to flash, sparkle, shine of colors, of passion, glow, be inflamed, be afire, to desire ardently, to be afire with love, burn with love.

The Mission

Our mission is to provide modern believers with progressive clothing and products that allows them to express their faith in a fresh and distinct way. We want to see a generation that literally wears their faith on their sleeve. Through our product line, web site/social media and personal encounters we hope to revitalize the faith of our generation and reveal to unbelievers the verses of truth.

The Concept

Ardeo Apparel is a progressive Christian clothing line.  Our designs are inspired from verses focused on the Word of God. We pray that each individual that wears our apparel is aware of the message presented, no matter how subtle or bold, and will embrace the opportunity to share their faith through the thought-evoking designs.

We have an eclectic mixture of illustrations, to attract people of different tastes and styles. Ardeo Apparel does not design your average “church shirt”. As artists, we strive to work outside of the box as we create the designs for our apparel. With much study of the scripture and time spent in prayer, we strive to provide fresh and distinct designs that illustrate the verses of truth in a universal way.

Believers are given the opportunity to wear their faith, stirring questions in the hearts and minds of those who are spiritually searching. Through our clothing, web site/social media, and relationships Ardeo Apparel is dedicated to God’s calling in our lives to share His message of love and hope with our generation.